Car Wash Equipment for Auto Dealers in Texas

Texas Car Wash Equipment is the leading and best auto dealer car wash supplier in Texas. Details for all the AUTEC auto dealer car wash and polisher models that we distribute appear below. Click the middle image to view each model's the spec sheet. The videos can be expanded to full screen.

AUTEC car wash equipment is built with all stainless steel construction, stainless steel guide rails, treadle ramps, tire stops, and galvanized track. AUTEC is known for wash quality, trouble-free operation and long-term durability. Additional features include water-based hydraulics with tank heater, quick-release door panels, fore & aft mitters, full or partial mitter retract, on-board or off-board rinse capability. All of AUTEC's systems maintain the quality standards and durability that AUTEC is known for.

AUTEC manufactures the best automatic car wash for dealers

  • Designed for the Auto Dealer
  • 60-second wash
  • Soft-Touch Car Wash
  • All Stainless
  • Handles vehicle fleets
  • 4 Full height Polyflex Foam brushes
  • 600,000+ wash life
  • Washes Front and Back of vehicles
  • Employees not needed
  • Tire and Wheel cleaner available
  • Rear Super Clean available
AUTEC Model 100 Polisher
  • Fleet Polisher
  • Polisher Program Available
  • No equipment cost under program
  • Can be purchased directly

Auto Dealer Car Wash Equipment Photos

Car Wash Equipment Auto Dealers Texas

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