Car Wash Reclaim Systems

Texas Car Wash Equipment is proud to distribute the Purwater line of car wash reclaim systems. These models are suitable for Auto Dealer, Gasoline Stations, Fuel Stores, Convenience Stores (c-stores), and Investor Operator car wash facilities. We serve as PurWater distributor in Texas and Oklahoma.

Purwater Reclaim Systems in Texas helps lower water and sewer costs and increase profits.

The patent pending PurWater™ Succession Self Purging™ Filtration Technology is a physical process that eliminates the need and ongoing expense of antiquated bag or disposable filters while providing the operator with a consistent production of optimum engineered certified 5 micron product water for his or her specific wash application.

Why Purwater Water Recovery Systems

Patent-pending succession technology produces high quality water – eliminating the need for disposable filters!

The standard warranty meets and exceeds all OEM pump manufacturers' warranty requirements.

Struggling with odors in your current reclaim system? PurWater™ has a uniquely engineered ozone injection system that reduces odors typically associated with water recovery.

You have your hands full maintaining the rest of your wash equipment. PurWater's™ design allows you more time to grow your business and less time maintaining equipment.

Purwater Reclaim

car wash reclaim systems Purwater

Pro Series 100-5MAS

Texas car wash reclaim systems Purwater

How it Works

Purwater Reclaim

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Flood Series 60 GPM

Texas car wash water reclamation

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