Texas Car Wash Equipment distributes:

AUTEC car wash systems

AUTEC car wash glass buildings

AUTEC InBay Express tunnels including the AUTEC EV1 Hybrid car wash model.

We are also a Texas distributor for Purwater reclaim systems, Purclean spot free systems, Unitec entry systems, and several car wash vacs. We provide car wash service, maintenance, and repairs for all of our car wash equipment lines.


Founded in 2004, we have installed car wash equipment for investors, operators, gas stations, and auto dealerships all over Texas and in Oklahoma. From installations in existing c-store bays to ground-up development of In Bay Express tunnels, we know construction.

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Stainless steel AUTEC car wash equipment including the top-rated AUTEC EV1 Hybrid wash. Polyflex. Gentle hydraulic operation. Emails and texts to monitor the car wash systems. Powder coated aluminum and glass car wash buildings. Top of the line reclaim and reverse osmosis spot-free systems from Purwater and Purclean.

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AUTEC's car wash equipment systems are cost effective, compact, efficient and easy to maintain. AUTEC systems, such as the EV1 InBay Express tunnel, are highly profitable with multiple wash packages that include profit-boosting options. AUTEC formulates and manufactures soaps specifically for their car washes. Marketing support to make your car wash as successful as it can be. Operator training courses offered several times annually.

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AUTEC InBay Express

AUTEC's EV1 Inbay Express is a proven concept that offers many advantages to the car wash investor in Texas and Oklahoma.

  • Eye-Catching Curb Appeal
  • Outstanding Cleaning Performance
  • One-Pass Soft Touch & High Pressure
  • High Throughput

The AUTEC IBE is an investment worth looking into. Let us guide you through the process.

AUTEC InBay Express

AUTEC InBay Express car wash

Feel Confident When You Invest!

Texas Car Wash Equipment is the car wash distributor of choice for many auto dealers, c-stores, and investors in Texas and Oklahoma. Our experience, dedication, and continuous learning set us apart from other equipment suppliers in the area. Contact us and see why we will be your equipment supplier of choice!

Car Wash Buildings

Texas Car Wash Equipment is a leading supplier of AUTEC car wash glass buildings for Texas and Oklahoma. We serve as distributor of AUTEC's attractive, quality, highly-finished, long-lasting structures that can comply with most building codes.

Our standard building designs can include glass from the bumper to the ground. The car wash building Model 222 features a hip roof design and stepped bumper to allow custom graphics, signage, or neon highlights.

Our eye catching car wash building design draws customers to your site. The high wash quality keeps customers coming back. We are happy to show you existing sites where you can observe the success that others are having with our car wash business model.


Knowing all the color, material, and size options to make the best decision, Texas Car Wash Equipment can guide you through the selection process.

Highly Trained

Texas Car Wash Equipment works with AUTEC's factory headquarters to keep abreast of the latest updates to car wash building designs

Unmatched Experience

TCWE has the "grass to cash" experience of having worked with other investors to create successful, profitable car wash locations.

Happy Customers

Learn more about how to keep your customers happy with an AUTEC glass car wash building.

AUTEC Building

Car Washes For Investors

For an investor, washing cars is a stable, growing industry and a smart choice for a successful venture. Experience for yourself the undeniable customer satisfaction and the incredible profit unique to AUTEC's automatic car wash systems. Keep in mind, car washes are profitable and promote customer satisfaction only when providing safe, exceptional cleaning performance.

AUTEC car wash equipment meets these standards with low operating costs and high volume throughput in the in bay automatic market. The success of the unattended, stand-alone, in-bay automatic is unprecedented. Car wash systems are becoming more and more automated in terms of on-board computers and computer access. Plus, with the ability to offer a high quality wash that is every bit as good as a much more expensive full service tunnel, the installation of an in-bay automatic or the development of a chain of automatics is irresistible.

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Auto Dealer Car Wash

Provide free washes with service visit. Provide discount washes to customers. Provide full price washes to the general public.

SAVE LABOR washing rental cars, transport deliveries, and trade-ins.

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Gas Station and C-store Car Washes

Automatic Car Washes Can Drive Revenue for Convenience Stores & Gasoline Marketers

Petroleum marketers nationwide are now reaping the profits from AUTEC's line of Soft Touch, Touch Free, and Combination washes. As the petroleum industry has evolved from "free with a fill-up" to a real profit center, AUTEC has led the market. Realizing that profitability can only continue with exceptional performance, AUTEC's washes deliver consistent, excellent cleaning performance with the lowest operating cost in the industry.

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We are grateful for our car wash customers from many different areas including Dallas, Fort Worth, North Dallas, Oklahoma City, Denton, Waco, Tyler, Longview, Austin, Sherman, and Plano.